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Eight year Olympics plan

This is an offline based initiative by the company. This 8 year plan is a process where the company provides 8 years package  to players to prepare him/her for the Olympics.



It communicates the benefit of sport and physical activity through an understanding of Olympism and its impact on individual health, enjoyment, and social interaction.
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Sports Practice


The tutorials is accessible at all times in the day, we also provide a timely change in the tutorials with different coaches and improved sessions


Its a sports networking platform Which helps individuals/teams to connect with Sports facilities near them and also get in touch with sports enthusiasts near them. 
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Soccer Practice


This Platform contains information regarding the various opportunities which are available to join Sports Clubs, Sports trials and events.

Sports Merchandise

Merchandising is a promotional method that incorporates franchising items and products that have a logo, in this case, for a sports team. 
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Support Group

Sports Talks

These talks are done by athletes, sports legends and coaches who will shed some light on importance and future of the sport and will also help by giving away tips and advises for the viewers.

athlete Portal and profiling

This athlete portal is a platform where various athletes from different disciplines register themselves with providing sufficient background information of their achievements and also provides proofs for them. 
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Football Fans

Online and Offline Events

The company is very interested in conducting sports competitions and events offline and also online.