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Why Virat Kohli was better Captain than Rohit Sharma?

rohit and virat

After MS Dhoni Retired, Virat Kohli took the initiative to led the Indian Squad from the front enchantingly. The capacity to set an example for others is a defining quality of a competent skipper. Virat Kohli was well aware of the large shoes he had to fill when MS Dhoni resigned as captain. We are all aware of MS Dhoni's outstanding track record as a captain, particularly in limited overs. MS Dhoni is the only captain in the history of the cricket to have won all three ICC trophies, having taken home the T20 World Cup (2007), the 50-over World Cup (2011), and the Champions Trophy (2013). Despite the pressure of expectation pressing down on him, Virat Kohli grabbed the chance with both hands and instilled trust in his teammates by taking the initiative and boosted everyone’s confidence to go gung ho.

virat vs rohit

Moreover, if comparing the stats of these both as a skipper, Virat Kohli averaged 72.65 as an ODI Skipper,47.58 as a T20I Skipper and 54.8 as a Test Skipper.

Rohit Sharma, on the other hand, averages 60.92 as an ODI captain but only 32.49 as a T20I captain and 30 as a Test captain. While his ODI averages as a skipper are excellent, the majority of those matches occurred prior to his appointment as full-time permanent all-format skipper following Virat Kohli's step down in captaincy.

Aside from this, Virat Kohli was the only skipper to win a Test series for the first time in Australia in 2018-2019, which seemed unthinkable and unattainable to others at the time. Virat Kohli elevated test cricket to the pinnacle of what it deserved to be.

These were some compelling reasons why the former captain was regarded as a better captain than Rohit Sharma.

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