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The basics you need to know about football

Well, if we compare a few major sports that are being followed globally

and in which the huge amount of money is involved as well football

would come in the top three because it’s a game that requires agility,

stamina, athleticism, and core power. I believe not specifically football

but there are a few basics that one needs to pay attention to before

adapting any kind of sport to his/her life but as we are talking about

football-only so here are some basics that you need to know about


1- Fitness – If you have the interest to play football you need to be

physically, mentally and psychologically strong to bear the things

that happens on the field, you need good stamina that gets you going

all through the 90 minutes of the game you should body should not

drain you need to see to that aspect plus anything that happens on

the field regarding any foul or fight between the players you need

to be mentally strong to negotiate all that and still focus on the


2- Skills – Now any sport requires skill these skills are not in the

context of you to compare yourself from some of the greatest

footballers of all time but at least some basic skills that you must

know how to pass the ball you must have that kind of sporting

the mindset that if you are surrounded by a couple of players and your

skills are not that much enhanced so what decision you would take

at that moment whether you would fight against the odds or be a

little cheeky and throw the ball outside for a throw-in.

3- Team Work – If you are playing a sport obviously you would be

looking for a win or you might call it success in the long run so to

reach such milestone you need to be selfless whenever on the field

you step in you must know that how you can contribute towards

the victory of the team if someone else is standing in a clear area

and he is having a clear shot to the goal and the ball is with you so

you must understand this that you have to pass to the other guy

without even thinking about the credit of the goal.

4- Basic Rules – There are rules in every sport and the most basic

according to me is you must respect the sport and you must respect

the opposition no matter what happens on the field you never take

it outside the field, same goes with the football too you must have

an understanding of some of the basic rules also such as

knowledge about red & yellow cards, offside, extra time, rules

regarding corner kick, free-kick, and penalty kick and in which

circumstances these are given.

5- Involvement – I personally have experienced that any work you

do you must do it joyfully for that all that requires is absolute

involvement if you are truly involved in the game then you would

neither thinks about the past nor the future no trophies, no medals,

nothing. You must see the game at that very moment that you have

to hit the ball with absolute power or you must have to pass the

ball or do anything else because winning and losing is not in your

hands you must follow the process with utmost dedication and if

you do so you would get the desired result mostly, if not then also

there would be plenty of positives that you could pick and apply it

in the other match.

Shivansh Mehrotra.


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