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Shocking Scenes as Argentina player hits Spanish opponent with a hockey stick: TOKYO 2020

The most shocking moment of this year's Olympics happened in the hockey match between Argentina and Spain when a player jabbed an opponent in the head with the stick. In a bizarre post-match incident, an Argentine hockey player hit his Spanish opponent in the head at the Tokyo 2020 Olympics.

At the end of the 1-1 draw, Lucas Rossi went up to David Alegre who was on the floor having his legs stretched due to cramps. He then jabbed his head with the hockey stick, who was receiving treatment for cramp and jabbed his hockey stick underneath his opponent’s head. The incident sparked a confrontation between both sets of players and Rossi was led away by his teammates.

The game had been played in good spirits but naturally a scuffle between both sets of players, with Rossi being grabbed by the throat. His own teammates tried to calm Rossi down but he was absolutely furious. There was an uproar following the incident by both sides. Both players shouted insults at each other. The incident seemed completely out of sync with emotions running high at the buzzer. Rossi seemed incensed until he returned to the dressing room and officials from both sides stirred to calm him down.


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