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Mohammed Shami's wife made a stunning charge against him and petitioned the Supreme Court...

Mohammed Shami had a sexual relationship with prostitutes during BCCI tours, Hasin Jahan slammed fresh allegation on him.

mohd shami and his wife

At a time when Seamer Mohammed Shami is conquering accolades for his fabulous performances in the IPL matches for the Gujrat Titians, his personal life seizes the headlines once again. He has landed into fresh trouble as his wife Hasin Jahan approaches the Supreme Court, this time with fresh allegations against him after facing a rejection from the Calcutta High Court as it went in favour of Shami.

Shami's wife said that he had been having an extramarital affair for a long time. She further said he was pressuring her for dowry and physically assaulted her. Furthermore, she made alarming charges against the player, claiming that he had sexual connections with prostitutes during BCCI tours in hotel rooms booked by the BCCI.

mohd shami and his ex wife

As Shami harassed her, she approached the police and begged everyone not to treat him differently because of his popularity. She provided some creepy, nasty screenshots of Shami inviting other ladies to his hotel rooms during BCCI tours for sexual intercourse months back. Shami, on the other hand, dismissed all of the claims levelled against him and disclosed that they were all plots against him.

She further said that Shami has relationships with women from Indore, Pune, Bengaluru, and Nagpur. He also met with many girls during his trips to Dubai and South Africa. Shami, she alleged, wanted to marry Bollywood actresses such as Virat Kohli and K. L. Rahul.

Shami with his wife

The case has not progressed or remained open during the last four years. She is still fighting for justice from such a long time. “Criminal Trial in the present case has been stayed for the past 4 years, without any just circumstances, in a case wherein Respondent No. 3 did not even pray for the stay of criminal trial and his sole grievance was only against the issuance of Arrest warrants against them, thus, the Sessions Court acted in an erroneous and biased manner, by virtue of which the rights and interests of the Petitioner have been severally jeopardized and prejudiced," Hasin Jahan said in her petition.

The difficulties Shami encountered in his personal life could have led him down a very different road in his professional career, but the pacer rebuilt himself and worked harder to become the superstar he is today.

shami vs his ex wife


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