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Mega Highlights from Mega Auction

On 12th & 13th of February, TATA IPL Mega Auction took place in Bengaluru where all the 10 franchises including the two new one's participated and teams came in with huge purses to shop for their favorite players.

This was quite an unusual though an interesting auction where young lads like Ishan kishan, Deepak Chahar, Sheryas Iyer, Yash Dhull etc were bought by spending crores of rupees by respective franchises but some of the most experienced one's like Suresh Raina, Amit Mishra, Piyush Chawla, Steven Smith, Arron Finch etc didn't go under the hammer. Hence auction had yet proved itself that IPL is not just an sporting event in has a dark corporate side to it as well that if the investers ain't interested in picking you up then there is nothing you could do about it. Few of the most shocking events that happened in the auction 2022 were:

The most important person in the auction room is the one who conducts the auction means the auctioneer for this one it was Huge Edmeades who had an unfortunate fall due to Postural Hypotension during the auction he was quickly taken by the medical team and soon they confirmed that he was alright, after this the auction came at the halt and Charu Sharma was called who was sitting in his room and having lunch but as it is said that cricket is not an sport in India it's a religion and soon Charu Sharma came to the rescue and conducted the proceeding further and got praised by the entire country as it's not a child's play to be called for such a Mega event and without any prior information one comes and deliver the things for you then it is a moment to appreciate that particular person.

Another highlight of this auction was Ishan Kishan was bought by Mumbai Indians at a whopping price of ₹15.25 crores which made him the most expensive player in the auction 2022.Many people speculated that it was an emotional buy for the franchises as he was not the part of player retention which happened before the auction.

Well, talking about emotions but when it's comes to Cricket Chennai team means strictly business because then another shocker came from Chennai Super Kings when they didn't go for their most valuable player Suresh Raina who is said to be Mr. IPL but what was even more shocking that none of the teams were interested in picking him up and now the partnership of Thala and Chinna Thala will not be seen together in IPL 2022 season.

On day 2 of the auction when Mumbai Indians astonished each one in the auction room when they picked up Jofra Archer for a mammoth of ₹8 crores after winning a sterling battle against Rajasthan Royals in the auction as RR owned him from last few seasons but couldn't retain him due to his unavailability in IPL for this very season so they thought of buying him back in the Mega auction as he would be available from the next season but MI had other plans as the saved the best for the last because they saved their purse on day one so that they could come back on the second day to pick what they actually wanted. Now from next season we could see the partnership of Bumrah & Archer two most deadliest bowlers in World Cricket and as they say in cricket "Fast bowlers hunting in pairs" we could see this phrase coming true if these two step up along side.

Well that was all for this auction with two new franchises coming in we can expect one hell of a season this year as the number of matches would be increased and many new rivalries will take palce and few old one's will be seen in friendship as the history of IPL has been there in these kind of scenarios so let's see that if there will be a new champion or the defending champions will steal the show this year too.


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