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Clash of the Titans

From 26th March 2022, the biggest fare of cricket is about to begin a fare that would last long for two months with the most intense cricketing action.

Yes, you guessed it right it's the Indian Premier League Or the IPL as they say in short form it's a league that goes with a motto of "Where talent meets opportunity" So IPL is a platform where young budding cricketers get the opportunity to showcase their talent while playing with and against the legends of the game. And from the 26th of March, the action begins.

The very first match of the IPL is always played between the finalist of the previous season and as the history of the tournament says with no doubt it happens to be a cracker of a game. Well for this time it is between Chennai Super Kings the defending Champions and four-time winners overall versus 'Kolkata Knight Riders' previous year finalist, who have also lifted the trophy for two times in the past. The history between these two teams is also very interesting KKR have beaten CSK in the finals when they won their very first IPL trophy in the year 2012 that year they didn't only win the title but also stopped CSK from winning the title three times in a row as they were winning it from the past two years regularly. Whereas CSK took its revenge in the last year's final by beating KKR by 27 runs and became the four-time winners.

Now on the 26th of March, they are yet to meet in the opening game and with a new captain, Kolkata is looking even more confident to face the mighty Chennai.

Chennai as always would be led by MS Dhoni who does not require any further introduction in this year's mega auction the Super Kings do have picked some fresh legs as this might probably be the last season for their captain and a few other players as well so they would want to make a new core group that could sustain for a long period and gives stability to the team.

Well with two new teams entering the tournament it gives an added flavor to the audience as well. So who will be the champion of this year is still in the womb of the future but when all the ten teams will fight for one title cricket will be the ultimate winner in the end that is for sure and the viewers too will get their money's worth doesn't matter where they watch the match from and as they before a ride "fasten your seat belts the roller coaster is about to begin".

Shivansh Mehrotra.


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