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And Warnie cleans up everyone by his last googly

It was the miserable evening of 4th March 2022 when devastating news came from the Cricketing World that former Australian leg spinner and one of the greats of the game Shane Warne suffered a heart attack and left all of us at a mere age of 52.

As soon as the news came it shocked all the cricketing fans and cricketers all across the world condolence message were flooding all over the internet whether Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter. Be it a fan or a cricketer everyone mourned the great loss and gave their condolences to the family.

Warne made his debut in 1992 against India and from that day there was no looking back for him he took 708 wickets in test match cricket making him the second most wicket-taker all over the world. He wasn't just a leg spinner he was a wizard, a wizard that entertained the crowd not with a magic wand but with a cricket ball, it was as if he had already given the instructions to the ball that where it has to pitch and where it has to hit. And of course who can forget the "ball of the century" that not took the wicket of Mike Gatting at Old Trafford in 1993 but also made a statement that this young lad is in here for something very big.

As time passed by he not only grew with age but with experience as well people started becoming a fan of leg-spin "an art of cricket that was somewhere lost with time was brought back to life by Shane Warne". Young cricketers started Idolising him and picked up leg-spin for becoming a cricket as their primary choice. He was also the captain of Rajasthan Royals where he won the first-ever IPL trophy in the inaugural season by beating Chennai Super Kings who is now known as one of the best franchises in IPL cricket.

Shane's on-the-field teachings and off-the-field mischief will always be remembered. A fun-loving character who was so dear not only to Australian cricket but to everyone who watched or read about cricket in which way possible, his demise was just like his leg-spin no one knew that it was coming but in the end, all I want to say is that "It's the bowler who had the last laugh" RIP - SHANE WARNE.


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