Eight Year Olympics plan

This is a off App and website based initiative by the company. This 8 year plan is a process where the company provides 8 year sponsored/ unsponsored package  to players to prepare him/her for the Olympics. These 8 years consists so many steps and phases, once the athlete is selected he/she will go through the grooming phase where they are provided Olympic education and basic training. The 2nd step is the twitch fiber test where the candidate is tested and ran through different ability tests, which gives results mentioning which types of events are suitable for the candidate. And this phase also has other activities and test which will determine the strengths and weakness for the athlete. The next phase is to select the sports stream and the particular sport which the candidate will be training for. From then on the next few phases of the program will be the training of the athlete, where he/she will go through high intense training and will be trained till the athlete matures. Once the athlete is trained to the extend he will then be ready for competitions, this phase gives the athlete clarity and experience of competitions, the last faces will preparation for Olympics where the athlete will go through scouting, camps and other selection procedures. This 8 year process will be happening in the background while the App and website is up and running.
8) Sports merchandise- Company also have there own amazing sports merchandise which includes various sports wear and sports equipment for all kinds of sports.

Play zone

Which will help individuals/teams to connect with Sports facilities near them and also get in touch with sports enthusiasts near them. This concept is to improve and provide a sports community to people in and around the customers location, the sport facilities which we are looking right now are private turfs, grounds, government owned grounds, gymnasiums, and other facilities. We also help our customers with payment solutions if they are sharing a paid facility with other customers.

Playing Soccer
On a Video Call

Sports talks

These talks are done by athletes, sports legends and coaches who will shed some light on importance and future of the sport and will also help by giving away tips and advises for the viewers. This helps us by providing exclusive content to our app users. 


This Platform will contain information regarding the various opportunities which are available to join Sports Clubs, this part is where we connect with different clubs in different parts of India to provide a opportunity for those budding sportsmen and sportswoman to improve and showcase their talents, we also help by providing information about various trials and  tournaments which will take place around there region we also provide all levels of trails and tournament information which happen all around India too, in the near future we are also planning to provide registration facilities to the customers by one click on their devices making the process more effective, this helps our customers by providing them an opportunity to shine in the tournament’s happening around.

Football Fans

Sports events Offline and Online

The company is very interested in conducting sports competitions and events offline and also online. We have already conducted an online sports event named “Independence week fitness challenge”, which has got good participation on our social media. And the company wants to continue hosting events offline after the pandemic is controlled. 

 Athlete Portal

This aspect of our App and website is one of our main motives to start the company. This athlete portal is a platform where various athletes from different disciplines register themselves with providing sufficient background information of their achievements and also provides proofs for them. This portal will help give these athletes a platform where they get exposed to sponsors and investors who can be interested to match paths with.

Athletic Woman

Our Mission

Our motto is to produce Eklavya in sports the same as we have witnessed in Mahabharata.


The man who learned archery skill by his keen observation and practice.

Similarly, we will be developing sportsmanlike Eklavya throughout India.


A sportsman who will meet their guru’s online and without their physical presence and they can easily master their skills in respective fields.

Also to provide an all in one solution for everything related to sports in India.

our vision

To make KIBI Sports a central platform for sports learning and sports profession.  We consider our vision is fulfilled when there is no hesitation to take sports as a career in India.

Our Goal

To improve the sports playing population in India. 
To bring a self-improvement in the field of sports for every interested Indian

Ceo and founder

WhatsApp Image 2020-10-02 at

Sagar rai

He is a sports enthusiast and fitness freak. He have many achievements in various sports on inter district, state and national level. He is  a graduate from Inderprastha engineering college Ghaziabad. He is also a Rajya puruskar awarded scout from Bharat scout and guide. During his sports journey the problems he had faced led him to start his own sports venture to organize the Indian sports ecosystem and he looks really passionate about it. He is having a sports revolutionary idea. He started working on his sports startup when he was in his college life.