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About Us

KIBI Sports is a whole new digital sports ecosystem. A one-stop solution for all sporting needs of the whole sports fraternity. KIBI Sports is intensively working on acting as a bridge between all the stakeholders in the sporting ecosystem.

Our Products & Services

Sports App - Digital Sports Ecosystem

KIBI Sports is a digital sports ecosystem. We have created a digital space for the whole sports community. It's a one-stop solution for all sporting needs of the whole sports fraternity.

KIBI Sports App

Sports League Management

We help Leagues to get bigger and expand their reach. Sponsorships are the most important part of a league, to run successfully it would need proper Sponsorship through brand engagement, and that’s where we pitch in and help our leagues to get Sponsored.

Basketball Game

Sports Academy Management

Academies are known as the temples of growth; they must grow and expand to help their athletes rise. We manage academies and find them both Monetary and Non-monetary Support.

Sport Stadium

Athlete Management

An athlete’s journey begins from their school where they get several small yet significant platforms to showcase their talent. Still, the success rate of an athlete’s transformation from the school level into the finest athlete on the world stage is alarmingly low. KIBI Sports strives to nullify this by creating awareness and projecting the benefits around sports from a grassroots level. This will enable us to nurture future stars from a young age.


Full Customised Sports Apparel Manufacturing

We are an Original equipment manufacturer in the GeM portal for Sports Apparel Manufacturing approved by the Quality Council of India. We have won multiple government bids for the same through the Government e-marketplace. We also provide complete sports apparel customization to our clients.

Sewing Machine

Sports E-commerce Store

Get all types of sports utility products directly from manufacturers at an incredibly low price as compared to the market from our store.

KIBI Sports Ecommerce store
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